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  Trouble Shooting

  1)  Flash memory in tablet’s settings is different from the specifications.

Tablet’s FLASH Memory( and PC’s Hard Drive as well)is different from the formatted one as as result of preparation of the device for use. So the user receives already formatted tablet. Flash memory is divided into three main parts: the first one is designed for data management and the Android operating system,while the other two parts constitute a place for apps and the space for videos,photos, music and other documents.

2)  Application not workable

It is possible that this app is not compatible with your OS or the downloaded, apk file is broken so you may need to download a full version.

3)  How to delete a Google account?

If an account is added, the account is shown in “Accounts&sync” of “Settings” where you may also add another account. To delete an undesired account, go to “Setting” “Privacy Setting”→“Factory data reset”. You Tablet’s internal storage,downloaded apps,etc.will also be deleted,except the info in your flash memory, Be careful before you carry out the operation.

4)  observe in the device’s settings less RAM memory than is give on spec sheets.

RAM memory consists of two parts: the visible and the hidden for the user. Android settings inform about the visible one, Invisible memory is used by the device to carry out the Android system processes.

5)  My tablet does not react well, if it is freezing, work much slower than normal or does not responding at all.

We recommend to restart your device using turn on/off button(pressing 3-4sec) or reset button(with a pointed object).

6) G-sensor is not responding.

You should calibrate your device using“Settings”/”Display or Gravity Calibration App( optional) Be aware that our offer includes models without this option.

7) My tablet is discharging faster than before.

The built-in battery is an operational components of the tablet. It is natural that it’s capacity shall be subject to reduction for long-time of usage.

8) I want to use some external devices(mouse,keyboard,modem,USB Flash Disk)

To connect an external accessory/peripheral the tablet should be equipped with USB OTG port.

9) I have a dedicated Bluetooth keyboard in the box(optional) which I have no idea how to connect.

To connect tablet with Bluetooth Keyboard, you should turn on a keyboard and press “Connect” button on it.Then turn on Bluetooth on your tablet device.Find your Bluetooth Keyboard on the list and tap on it. Using Keyboard’s hardware keys input 4 codes PIN number and press “Enter” and the devices are connected successfully.

10) The device can not connect with WiFi network.

Make sure that your Internet source works perfectly.The distance between wireless router and your device should be within 50 meters and please make sure that there is no wall or other barriers between them.

11) Som times the temperature of the device is a little high.

It is natural that the tablets device warms up slightly while long-time usage without a break or while charging.

12) I am going to lend my device to my friend and want to delete all my private files/apps and google accounts personal details before it.

You should use ”Factory reset” function available in the “setting” App. The factory reset will help if your application cause inappropriate operation of your device. Note.that all your files will be lost, so we suggest to copy them to the other device(PC, USB Flash Disk.

13) Why can't I play some video files?

It is possible that the video format or code is not compatible with your tablet.

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